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  1. As trends change, District 150 natural hair classes prove popular
    PEORIA — Natural hair is back and, from all appearances, more mainstream than the politically-charged Afro of the late 1960s. In the '60s, the style, as worn by Angela Davis, was the symbol of the Black Power movement. Now, it's mainly another ...
  2. Hair care tips: How to keep African American hair healthy and shiny
    There are four components to keeping African American hair healthy and shiny. They are washing, conditioning, moisturizing and protecting. Most of us grew up washing our hair once a week or once every two weeks. Imagine the build up your scalp accumulates ...
  3. Content about Hair
    Natural may just be the new normal in the African-American hair care market as sales of relaxers continue to decline, according to new research from Mintel. August 29, 2013 Pantene teams up with Walmart, Seventeen magazine for annual National Donate Your ...
  4. Natural hair care’s next wave
    “Creamy crack”—vernacular for relaxer cream and the dependence on it to maintain bone straight hair—has fallen out of favor. According to research by consumer trends firm Mintel, relaxer sales have “declined 26% since 2008 [when sales ...
  5. Texas Tangled In Hair Braiding Controversy
    For women, hair care can be a sensitive issue. But now one woman is picking a fight over hair care with the state of Texas. Host Michel Martin speaks with Isis Brantley who is suing the state for the right to teach hair braiding. Copyright ...

African American Hair Care : Organic Hair Care for African American Girls

Different organic hair care products will yield different styling results for African American girls, ranging from a curly look to a soft, straight style.

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  1. Instant dreadlocks from America
    In an email to me, Mr Boyd explained the Nudred vision: "The Big Chop is about inspiring people to not only remove harmful chemicals from their hair, but out of their lives too. Black Natural Hair Care is a movement to improve the community. By
  2. Living a rich life
    Where has the lustrous, jet black hair gone? Furrows are appearing on my forehead There are days when applying the best organic lip balm to the dry lips does not help much but a sense of acceptance and humour does. No jowls yet, but they will
  3. SHEILA H. ST. ETIENNE, 1956-2013
    He was a year ahead of me there and, as a tutor, was one of a group of Black students who help me to graduate and eventually become a lawyer. It's great to meet you,” and let things go and hopefully grow organically from there. Jordan, Dionne
  4. Free Range on Food: Duke's Mayonnaise, David Tanis, salt roasting and more
    Maybe others on our panel today would care to chime in on this? – 十一月 06, 2013 This is a great story! I've heard of people putting mayonnaise in their hair as a leave-in conditioner (I can attest that folks offer all kinds of advice to curly
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    Essence Of Vod, if you will – can be boiled down to a simple but powerful philosophy: she doesn't care what anyone thinks. "I always describe her as having no subtext, no filters," says Ashton. Combined with the fact that she's a girl – and a black

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