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  1. shima boo shima boo says:
    How can I care for my hair now that its natural?
    I would like to know of any good hair care regimens for healthy hair growth. I have 3b/4a hair texture btw.
    SweetieKayKay says:
    I am going natural to and yes it is going to take some getting use to. I'm going to tell you my daily regimen and what I do for my wash day. I use Shea Moisture Raw Shampoo and Conditioner.
  1. Natural Hair Highlights for Blonde Hair
    Herbs that work well on blonde hair include marigold flowers, chamomile, nettle, rhubarb root, safflower and mullein flowers. A natural dye can be created at home to gently lighten hair and works best on hair that is light brown to medium blonde ...
  2. How to Choose Natural Oils for Your Hair
    These two types of oils are essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils are fragrant oils that are actually the concentrated essence of the plant. Essential oils are light and do not feel ... How to Use Natural Oils to Treat Your Hair You can purchase ...
  3. G’Natural Products Partners With Wegmans
    G’Natural is an herbal natural hair and skin care product line developed to enhance personal care regimens for women and men. Washington, DC (PRWEB) November 13, 2013 The G’Natural Herbal Products created by Washingtonian entrepreneur ...
  4. Natural Recipes for Better Hair Care
    If you’re been looking for a way to give your hair care routine a boost without too much effort or money, then you can always turn to natural recipes. Not only are they easy to do at home or with friends, but it also costs a lot less than investing in ...
  5. Simple Hair Care Regime For Men
    Even though hair care is predominantly a female domain, most men take extra care and groom their hair to make it look healthy and good. Even though men tend to keep their hair short and trimmed most of the times, it still require some grooming ...

{141} My & my girls' simple FOUR STEP natural hair regimen routine + how I detangle my natural hair

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    Dr Rajab Sasi, a lecturer at Kigali Health Institute, said natural medicines such as aloe vela, moringa, avocado leaves, among others, are good for healing wounds and relieving pain. "People trust modern medications sometimes body's defence system
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    G'Natural can be purchased at the Wegmans stores on the east coast starting November 25th – just in time for holiday gift purchases. G'Natural is an herbal natural hair and skin care product line developed to enhance personal care regimens for women
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