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  1. How to handle dry hair, naturally
    But I find a good scalp-massaging brushing feels great and seems to stimulate hair growth. In addition, it pulls those natural oils through the hair, and pulls out the abundance of dead hair I always seem to have. To both brush and not ruin my curls ...
  2. Hair Care Tips for Teens
    Do you have oily hair? If you wash your hair in the morning, you may find yourself frustrated by the time evening rolls around, as your hair already appears to need another wash. Keep in mind that oily hair is really an oily scalp. Wash your scalp and ...
  3. Natural Hair Highlights for Blonde Hair
    Herbs that work well on blonde hair include marigold flowers, chamomile, nettle, rhubarb root, safflower and mullein flowers. A natural dye can be created at home to gently lighten hair and works best on hair that is light brown to medium blonde ...
  4. How to Choose Natural Oils for Your Hair
    These two types of oils are essential oils and carrier oils. Essential oils are fragrant oils that are actually the concentrated essence of the plant. Essential oils are light and do not feel ... How to Use Natural Oils to Treat Your Hair You can purchase ...
  5. 5 Hair care tips for Summer
    Too much sun can make your hair weak, dry and brittle and can even make it more prone to split ends, while chemically treated hair ... Here are our 5 best tips for taking the best care of your hair this Summer: 1. Let your hair dry naturally.

Do It Yourself: Natural Homemade Creamy and Fluffy Shea Butter Cremes Recipe

Re-Upload* Original Upload Date: February 07, 2010 As Promised, my recipe for the natural, homemade fluffy and creamy shea butter cremes I talked about in t.

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  1. Not Your Grandmother's Skin Care?
    Several decades later, Ms. Hayek drew from those traditions for a makeup line, Nuance Salma Hayek: 160 products for the hair, body and face that cost between $5.99 and $19.99 and have been sold at CVS since August 2011. Natural brands, which
  2. Goodbye Waxing And Lasers, The Bush Is Back
    But a new survey suggests it's time to ditch the wax, lasers, and razors because, well, most women can't be bothered, and their boyfriends don't really care anyway. Forty-three per cent of the men said that they preferred their women to look as
  3. Brittany Murphy's death case will not re-open
    Despite new toxicology reports suggesting the 'Clueless' actress may have been poisoned, the Los Angeles County coroner has announced there are no plans to re-open the case because they are yet to receive them, after the star died in December 2009.
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  5. Natural beauty recipes for the festive season
    Leave it for 20 minutes and then shampoo it. Reveal super soft Now that you are geared up for looking absolutely stunning this Diwali, go ahead and try out these simple yet wonderful natural recipes and look beautiful naturally

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