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  1. says:
    Can Black women have long natural hair without having dreadlocks?
    Can Black women have long natural hair without having dreadlocks or are dreadlocks the only way a Back woman can have long afro textured hair .
    Dawn says:
    Before i decided on locking my hair it was already APL: 14-16 inches long imagine Rachel True form "The Craft". However the true length of african american hair can be hard.
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    Professor Gill says while more women are going natural, companies are taking notice and even capitalizing on the natural movement by coming up with hair care products aimed at black women. However, she says that doesn't necessarily mean that it's an 
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    The history also includes the country's first female, self-made millionaire, Madam C. J. Walker, a black woman who made her fortune selling hair care products to other black women in the early 1900s. Begun as a way to help women suffering from baldness 
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    People do often want to touch it, although this is only annoying to me on a personal-irritant level, and it's really not the same thing as when people want to touch Black women's natural hair, because in that situation it's usually white folks trying
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    The film, about the $684 million black hair-care market, details the lengths women go—from scorching their scalps with chemical relaxers to paying $1,000 for a weave—to achieve soft, flowing tresses. In its wake, many turned to the Internet in search

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