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  1. A frank talk about racism and African Americans with a foreigner's perspective
    But I wouldn't call the cop, or pull a gun, follow and shoot them like Zimmerman did. It is the unjustifiable action that is bad, not the profiling itself. However, if I had had a gun, I would not have hesitated to shoot them if they had ...
  2. DS Healthcare Announces Results from New Clinical Study
    Spectral.DNC-S addresses the $3.5 billion spent per year by Americans attempting to treat their hair loss. Spectral.DNC-S is a completely ... DS Laboratories has discovered a compound from a natural source which mimic and exceed the activity ...
  3. Not Just Your Average Foreigner: On Being Black in China
    White Americans face no barriers to claiming their nationality, but blacks are often assumed to hail from Africa, a place thought to be more backwards and poorer than China, and one more than likely receiving Chinese government economic aid in the form of ...
  4. Saffas in Uniform: Peter Galgut | Two-time Dentist of the Year
    I am a Periodontist (Gum Specialist) practicing in North West London. Until recently I was a senior research ... and saves a huge amount of extra work for qualified dentists wishing to practice in the UK, or indeed the EU. How does wearing a uniform ...
  5. Pathetic Fellow, My Country
    What’s next on the conservative agenda—social engineering? A zero child policy for those without insurance? Don’t even mention Obamacare, since it might actually be more inclusive. Guns and more guns. Am I going to be the last ...

Natural hairstyles for black women - Natural Hair Journey

com natural hairstyles for black women, how I manage to make my own natural hairstyles by myself. Follow my natural hai.

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  1. More African-American Women Choosing Natural Hairstyles, Study Finds
    Gill says while more women are going natural, companies are taking notice and even capitalizing on the natural movement by coming up with hair care products aimed at black women. However, she says that doesn't necessarily mean that it's an accepted 
  2. Atlanta Natural Hair Salon Unique Creations Hair Loss Solution for African ...
    Natural Hair salon provides hair care solutions for Atlanta women with hair loss issues. South Metro Atlanta's Natural Hair Salon Unique Creations Hair Studios has launched their “We Grow Your Hair” initiative to address the rising number of African
  3. The Rise of The Natural Hair Care Business
    With this shift has come an influx of products exclusively aimed at the care. of natural hair. While some of these lines are distributed by well-known hair care companies, many others have been the brainchildren of Black entrepreneurs. The need for
  4. Natural Hair Expo officials expecting a sell out crowd
    “The purpose of the event is to further educate African-American women about their natural hair and how to maximize hair growth through nutrition and proper hair care,” said Audra Cooper, event sponsor and owner of Naturally Divine Beauty Supply and 
  5. New law eases rules for natural hair care
    It's easier for Oregon hair stylists who braid, twist and lock African American hair to practice their trade thanks to a new law approved in the 2013 legislative session. Lawmakers approved the Natural Hair Care bill before adjourning Monday. House

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