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  1. EPA gives Wisconsin $1.5M for Great Lakes projects
    The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will receive $1.5 million from the federal government for several Great Lakes environmental projects. Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the grant ...
  2. The ebb and flow of water rates: Analysis reveals how area rates rank
    Melrose residents for decades dealt with tap water so laden with minerals a white T-shirt would come out of the wash splotched with brown. The water was so hard, “you couldn’t get suds to wash your dishes,” said LeRoy Craig, a former village ...
  3. Unearthed: The Medieval 'vampire' skeleton buried with an iron stake through its chest to stop it waking up at the witching hour
    It's the stuff of nightmares: A dig at a macabre graveyard has revealed a Bulgarian vampire pinned to his resting place by a metal spike. The ancient skeleton, identified as a 35 to 40 year old male, is only the second ever skeleton with a spike driven ...
  4. VIDEO - WXOW News 19 La Crosse, WI – News, Weather and Sports |
    Researchers in the northern U.S. from New York to Wisconsin are starting a series of studies that will help dairy farmers better adapt to climate change and reduce the impact their farms have on the environment.More >>
  5. House family gathers at Lakeside Park
    Audrey Stendall-Onalaska; Don and Arlene Eiseth-Menomonie; Elaine Grutt-Boyceville; Sharalyn Edgeberg-Oakdale, Minn.; Joann Steinmeyer-Menomonie; Thor and Shirley Edgeberg-Menomonie; Jean Davis-Menomonie; Colin and Judy Hempel-Greenwood, Ind.; Vivian ...

End of Year Ride 10/09/2011

Annual End of the Year Ride put on by our friends to the south in Onalaska area.

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  1. Larry Olson: Sidewalk issue is dividing Onalaska
    Unless you take seriously proof that a petition of valley residents to endorse a sidewalk project was conducted dishonestly, you have no business furthering a project that would tear apart the natural beauty of the valley's gateway. Unless you have
  2. Nancy J. (Gorman) Voight
    Through hard work and vision, and help from her dad, Nancy and Ken took a scrappy piece of land and turned it into a beautiful and relaxing retreat they named “Kickinback Acres.” It was Ken of Sugar Grove Ill.; daughter, Arica Peterson of Orange

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    Our Staff. Natural Beauty ’s Aesthetician, Emily Doherty is licensed in Wisconsin and Nevada and trained at the Euphoria School in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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