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  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:
    I want to start wearing makeup, how does this script sound for my parents?
    I would like to discuss with you the topic of makeup. I am almost 14 now and would very much like to wear makeup. I am a very responsible child and have very good grades. I do not want to wear loads of makeup, only.
    K 3 N $ ! says:
    Sounds great to me :) How long did it take you to come up with that. If I were you, I might also add that you are willing to compromise with them if there are any things they disagree on. That.
  1. Sonoma Tuscan villa inn transports guest to Italy (Photos)
    The ingredients in this chemical-free product line includes grape polyphenols, powerful protectors of youthful skin; resveratrol from grapevine stalks, which naturally firms the skin; and grapevine viniferine, a natural molecule from the sap of the vine ...
  2. Japanese-French seminar highlights the predictability of anti-oxidative properties
    The entry into force on the 11th of July of the new Cosmetics Regulation also implies new obligations for retailers of cosmetic products. These obligations were previously described in different texts. The new regulation streamlines them and adds new ones.
  3. Mexico: Tecate is more than special; it's 'magical,' officials say
    The small Baja Mexico village of Tecate joined a select group of towns recently when it was named a "Pueblo Magico," or "Magical Village," by Mexico’s secretary of tourism. The designation recognizes Mexican municipalities and towns that have ...
  4. Launches to Unveil Mineral Mudd Clay Facial Masks as an All-Natural Beauty Regimen
    Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2013 -- Clay facial masks are intended for use on the face to provide cleansing, relaxing and rejuvenating effects. Having been used in regimens for ages and in different cultures, the beauty mask is usually derived from ...
  5. Apteka Naturel™ Releases First of Its Kind Menopausal Relief Supplement: EstroAide Naturel™
    Natural ingredients like GenisteinSR and natural tomato lycopene help support bone health and aid the reduction of hot flashes, while vitamin D3 helps improve the absorption of calcium. “EstroAide Naturel™ was created to help women enjoy their daily ...

90-Second Interval: Tata Harper on hot natural beauty ingredients that really work

The creator of Tata Harper Skincare chats with Well+Good's Melisse Gelula about how spanish lavender smooths wrinkles and hyaluronic acid (from yams.

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  1. Cosmetics and Beauty Products Could Cause Cancer: New Website Explores ...
    In preparation for the launch of its new website, the Be Organically Beautiful company has reviewed hundreds of harmful ingredients typically found in mainstream cosmetic and beauty products, as well as natural and organic brands. This company has now 
  2. Touch of natural ingredients for naturally beautiful skin
    So enormous is her treasure that discovery of the goodness imparted by each of her natural ingredients has left us dazzled each time. The natural ingredients are abundant with goodness that enhances beauty and have medicinal properties as well, they
  3. Snail Slime Facial Coats Skin in Mollusk Mucus
    Natural beauty is going to new heights – or depths, depending on your perspective – with a live snail facial. Snail slime has been a coveted, if surprising, ingredient in beauty products for years, prized for its supposed anti-aging and skin
  4. Sweet Squared takes on distribution of skincare line
    The brand, whose product range is exclusively for beauty professionals, also offers a skincare rich in natural ingredients, including its Peelology range of peels that stimulate collagen to enhance the skins appearance. The range of skincare extends to 
  5. Mexico: Tecate is more than special; it's 'magical,' officials say
    The designation recognizes Mexican municipalities and towns that have “significant history, cultural traditions and natural beauty.” The Magical Village program, established in 2001, was developed to encourage tourism to small towns and villages by 

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    Handmade Natural Beauty ingredient descriptions: Some key ingredients used in Handmade Natural Beauty products are: aloe vera, avacado oil, baking soda, beeswax ...
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    The question isn’t why cosmetic companies started putting vitamin E in their products—the question is why didn’t they before?