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  1. lovely_carleta91 lovely_carleta91 says:
    Is tanning officially unpopular and is it better to have natural beauty?
    I have been noticing that not many people tan anymore, and they look better with their natural beauty . What do you think.
    K-Riss says:
    When I was in high school everybody tanned. Now only a handful of those girls I know continue to tan. I used to go tanning occasionally, but I don't any more.
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Join the conversation at: #WeAreBeautiful Watch the whole experience at: http://dove.

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    The unique blend of natural oil ingredients nourish and revitalize hair. Tim Jebb, principal and founder of JDO says, "We were tasked with creating beautiful and engaging designs in keeping with and building on Dove Hair's brand equities. The use
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    Focus on goals. Captivating the viewer should rank as your highest. Storytelling is a construct brand marketers rely on to captivate. And video is now their chosen medium. Dove's story of natural and inner beauty explodes through this video

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