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  1. Tristen W Tristen W says:
    Does anyone know the best alpha hydroxy face wash or cleanser for men?
    I've been hearing that alpha-hydroxy face wash is the best facial cleanser for anti aging skin. I would prefer a men's skin care line, but I'm open to suggestions.
    Kimmyann says:
    my oldest son has small break outs i had purchased Pro Active and worked well but it does require monthly payments. he tried Avon cleanser with scrubbing granules it worked just as well maybe even.
  1. How to take the stress out of irritated skin?
    Attend this webinar if you want to learn: How inflammatory processes in the skin cause skin aging (inflamm-aging) and sensitive skin; How effective anti-inflammatory skin care soothes razor burn, relieves Mosquito bites and calms itchy, allergy-prone skin
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My Skincare Routine for Anti-Aging ~ Treating Age Spots & Wrinkles with Retin-A & Vitamin C

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