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  1. iANNA! iANNA! says:
    Is Lacura make-up sold in Aldi stores in the U.S.?
    i've been using a bunch of Lacura skin care things since my mom got to take one of everything in the skin care line (besides the cleanser) from the warehouse to try it out since they just started shipping it to the U. S. i think it is absolutely.
    luvschalkboard says:
    first of all thank u for saying it is good for sensitive skin, becuz i almost bought the toner today but was worried it would irritate my skin. in the brochure, it says makeup line is coming soon.
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Lacura Skincare Review

com/us/html/product_range/7196_7202_ENU_HTML. htm Please keep in mind this review is mine and mine alone. Just because something works fo.

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