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  1. kuship09 kuship09 says:
    How much are the SKIN FOOD products in the Philippines?
    SKIN FOOD is a korean brand, how much are their Cleansing Skin Care products in the Philippines.
    Kìmߣ®L¥ says:
  1. K-pop popularizes Korean beauty
    Music groups like Girls’ Generation have achieved international fame ... “There are ideal beauty looks, [such as a] small face, big eyes with double lids, small pointed nose and different body lines, that are emphasized in society.”
  2. Music and Life in Oneness: An Interview With Burt Bacharach
    With me, it’s going to come from the way I feel: where I hear the strings, where I don’t hear the strings. Epoch Times: You just recently released a memoir “Anyone Who Had a Heart: My Life and Music.” Can you discuss the correlation ...
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    How would a hair-do that looks just like a tomato appear? This new hair style, popularly called the tomato hair-do from the land of hair salons and trendy hair styles is making waves in Japan. This recent style to hit the popularity charts is called the ...
  4. Evading responsibility in Syria
    This is why they are currently attempting to dodge evidence of the use of chemical weapons, since Obama made the mistake of calling such use a 'red-line' for intervention. At the White House, they will be cursing Bashar al-Assad for making it so difficult ...
  5. Indonesian quotas set to be lifted
    Judith Damiani, chief executive of Citrus Australia, remains hopeful the Indonesian government will lift import restrictions before the country’s citrus season begins in earnest in July. Australian citrus exports to Indonesia reached A$14m (US$14.4m ...

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  1. K-pop popularizes Korean beauty - Washington Square News
    BB cream, made popular by Korean celebrities, has spread to American markets as well, and users of Korean brands such as Skin 79 and Missha still claim their superiority over Western copycats. Most K-pop boy bands and girl groups are arranged by record
  2. Niche retailing
    “These niche products can definitely give the more established and expensive brands a run for their money, and over the years I've found that they work much better anyway,” explains Tam, who spends on average of RM50 on skincare products each month
  3. Psy Is The New Face Of Korean Tourism - Kpopstarz.com
    to skin care products and more. He appeared on postage stamps, in a Super Bowl commercial for pistachios and for Rotary's This Close campaign to eradicate polio. Now that ubiquitous Korean sensation can add another endorsement to the list as the
  4. 4 Reasons Beauty Brands Are Looking to Asia Instead of Europe
    Because Korea has more skin care-related patents than any other country. Take that, France: Korea is now the #1 holder of patents related to skin care products and technology. Expect stem cell facials, hugely popular in Asia but still a niche market
  5. Korea's cosmetic companies thrive
    "I like Korea's skincare products -- there are a lot of organic and natural kinds. I first started using them because I saw that Korean girls have good skin." Reasonable prices of Korean brands also attract the masses. "I've used a lot of different

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