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  1. Jessica Jessica says:
    How to take care of a mixed raced children's hair?
    I have a cousin who is 5 and she is Indian/ black what hair care products should I use should I use black hair care produts on her.
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    In line with this, GCPL has developed a "three-by-three strategy" to expand in three areas -- household care, hair care and personal washing products -- across three continents -- Asia, Africa and South America. In the past seven years, GCPL has spent
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    Natural ingredients for hair care is safer to use compared to hair products which is sold in the market. Homemade The Indian gooseberry is used for many home remedies, but for hair care it is very essential to use gooseberry paste at least twice in
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    In line with this, GCPL has developed a “three-by-three strategy” to expand in three areas — household care, hair care and personal washing products — across three continents — Asia, Africa and South America. In the past seven years, GCPL has spent

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