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  1. Panther8 Panther8 says:
    I need a slogan for a botanical skin care company?
    I need help thinking up a slogan or motto for a botanical skin care company. Each ingredient this company uses is plant based and is great for anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and preserving youth (herbs, essential oils, fruit oils).
  1. Revitol Eye Cream: The Final Solution for Dark Under Eye Circles, Puffiness and the Appearance of Fine Lines: Now Offers Extra Jars On Select Packages
    Revitol Eye Cream, the only topical treatment for dark circles around the eyes currently available, is now offered at a huge discount. Avail of maximum savings when orders are placed today. The eyes are the window of the soul. It is but natural ...
  2. SkinTour.com Adds Cosmetic Home Use Devices to Online Store
    Deciding which skin care ... anti-aging books, the most recent titled,“The Surgery-Free Makeover: All You Need To Know For Great Skin And A Younger Face.” Skintour.com has quickly become a highly sought out source for cosmetic dermatology and skincare ...
  3. DrSkinSpa.com Announces the Addition of Obagi Nu-Derm System Foaming Gel
    The Obagi Nu-Derm System Foaming Gel is one of the various anti-aging skin care products that the Obagi line has ... and is made of only the most pure minerals. It is paraben free. Ageless Derma mineral cosmetic products are safe for sensitive ...
  4. Male Skin Ages, Too!
    Even though most men won’t admit it, they are just as fearful of not only getting older, but looking older as well. As obsessed as women are about skincare and anti-aging matters, we sometimes forget that male skin ages as well. While the signs of aging ...
  5. ICU Ventilation may Trigger Mental Decline: Study
    Some form of mental dysfunction as reflected in anxiety, depression, and especially delirium is suffered by at least 30 percent of patients in intensive care units (ICUs). In mechanically-ventilated ICU patients, the incidence of delirium is ...

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