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  1. Taylor Taylor says:
    what are some skin care products i can create at home with natural fruits/veggies to make my skin healthier?
    I don't want to look 45 at age 15 (over exaggeration) so i'm just wondering some home remedies that would help reduce the aging process, reduce wrinkles and make my skin healthier. I really want to know some more things on this subject so please.
    Mukunda M says:
    Massaging with pure natural oils is all you need. Oils not only permanently healed my many skin conditions but gave me a near flawless, young looking and vibrant skin.
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✿DIY:Home Anti -Wrinkle Treatment using Egg✿탱탱한 20대 피부

Hello loves. ~❤ This is my first DIY video I hope its not too awkward hihi cos ive never done it before.

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