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Beauty Mantra - Natural Tips on Hair Care - Mind Body Soul

Beauty Mantra - Natural Tips on Hair Care - Mind Body Soul. Many hair products contain chemicals that can cause hair to harden and become dull.

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  1. Monsoon hair care: Try egg-honey pack, vinegar rinse
    She has some tips for monsoon hair care : Eggs-honey-curd pack: Mix two eggs, two tablespoon of curd, juice of Avoid chemical treatment: Don't go for any kind of chemical treatment on hair during monsoon as the chemicals used on the hair react
  2. गर्मियों में क्या करें रेशमी बालों के लिए
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  3. Fight that frizz
    L'ORÉAL Liss ultime oil incell shampoo: An emollient and hydrating shampoo designed specially for frizzy unruly hair, it contains amino-essence complex and re-structuring ceramide that helps detangle hair. Available at leading salons, Rs 550. SUNSILK

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