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  1. kiposh kiposh says:
    Anyone have any suggestions for hair care products for biracial children?
    I have 3 biracial daughters, all with very different hair types. I currently use Pantene for Women of Color shampoo & conditioner, so far it works great. But the oil moisturizer only recently seemed to not be effective.
    lorettam555 says:
    as a biracial daughter, i use sun silk products straighten up. it works great and makes the hair soft. LIV is a good product (less is.
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Biracial HairCare 101: Shampoo/Conditioner

LOL Brooklyn & Kamal Links: Biracial HairCare 101: Shampoo/Conditioner http://www. v=9EadKtqwPnM BIRACIAL HAIRCARE.

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