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  1. Sue Sue says:
    How many of your middle aged husbands would rather their skin dry up and look leathery than to us body lotions?
    and face creams. I recently got my middle aged husband on body lotions and face creams and his dry skin changed for the better right away. He was one those that thought taking care of one's skin is for women only.
    shennie says:
    The mere fact that you have a middle aged anything is quite remarkable Abbey, us men don't really like being pigeon holed but there are times when a nice soft burlap rub can win over a difference.
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Bought all of these products with my own money. This is a completely honest review of my own opinions on these products.

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    £13 (www.origins.co.uk). ​ Clayspray Comfort H2O with Green Tea Water Spray, £17.50 (www.feelunique. Clayspray Comfort H2O with Green Tea Water Spray, £17.50 (www.feelunique.com). "If you get shiny, especially during hot summer months
  5. Help for hair loss
    Trainer Regenn Lee from H2O Plus says, based on your query, obviously you take great efforts to care for your skin. You have a complete skincare regimen for both day and night, which is admirable. The chief concern here is the use of facial scrub on 

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