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  1. Is Ethnic Beauty Poised for a Boom?
    Many ... number of shades. In addition, texture needs to be carefully engineered as products can be chalkier on ethnic skin. The issue of ethnicity is made more complex by the fact that there is a wide variety of skin tones and hair types ...
  2. Unilever to sell three hair care brands to Strength of Nature
    Anglo-Dutch consumer products giant Unilever Plc yesterday agreed to sell three hair care brands, Soft & Beautiful, TCB and Pro-Line Comb-Thru, to haircare company Strength of Nature, for an undisclosed sum. The transaction, which is expected to close in ...
  3. Unilever Sells Ethnic Hair Care Brands
    Unilever has signed an agreement for the sale of its Soft & Beautiful, TCB and Pro-Line Comb-Thru brands to Strength of Nature for an undisclosed amount. The sale excludes TCB’s business in Africa, and the transaction is expected to close in ...
  4. WEB EXCLUSIVE: Ethnic, Organic Hair Care
    Sacramento resident Mahisha Dellinger wanted to wear her hair naturally—without relaxers, grease or heavy products. But Dellinger discovered a lack of organic and natural hair care products for multi-ethnic hair, which inspired her to create Curls LLS.
  5. Hair care tips: How to keep African American hair healthy and shiny
    Also shine has also been an issue with African American hair due to the texture. Light reflects at a higher rate on smooth linear surface such as Euro hair provides. This is not so with afro hair, thus it requires assistance to maintain a shine.

What Is The Best Hair Treatment for Dry Brittle Hair Ends on African American Hair?

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  1. Is Ethnic Beauty Poised for a Boom?
    The BB frenzy has moved from skin care to eventually capture hair care. Similarly the Middle East has inspired a dark misty trend in the olfactory sector and Moroccan oil has transpired a new sensation in the lacklustre hair care category in the form
  2. According to the Media, Asians Like Me Don't Exist
    Most people see my olive skin and dark hair and mistake me for Latina, Native-American, Japanese, Chinese or Korean (because apparently those are the only ethnicities in Asia). That so many people struggle to identify my ethnic background makes me 
  3. You 'Fro, a Black and Ethnic Hair Supplement for Women, Announces its Black ...
    You 'Fro is the Number 1 natural black hair regrowth treatment for women. It is multifunction hair, skin and nails formula. all natural and 100% drug-free dietary supplement. For more information, visit For the
  4. Unilever to sell trio of haircare brands
    Soft & Beautiful, TCB and Pro-Line Comb-Thru are each terrific brands with a long legacy in the ethnic hair care category. These brands are part of one of the fastest growing categories in the personal care sector and we believe their potential can now
  5. Black woman learns how to tame the mane
    In his 2009 documentary “Good Hair,” Chris Rock tackles important aspects of African-American hair and the culture behind it: perms, weaves, hair shows, hair care products and, of course, not touching a black woman's hair. The documentary is very

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    Black, Afro & Ethnic Hair Care Tips - Coarse and thick hair has special needs. Black hair has a tendancy to be dry and prone to thinning due to its molecular structure.
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