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  1. Makeup Makeup says:
    What are some good cruelty-free and vegan brands/products?
    What are some good cruelty-free and/or vegan haircare and skin care brands/items that don't have any bad chemicals in them and aren't expensive. Also is it bad if you use the same products on your skin all the time or should you mix it up and use.
    ☮Jen D☮ says:
    Conditioner - Alba. Bodywash - 365. Detangler - Aubrey Organics. Face Cleanser - Alba Acne-Dote. Face Scrub - Earth Science. Face Moisturizer - Avalon Organics. Eye Makeup Remover-.
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Natural Skincare (Sibu and Earth Science)

I really wanna try their other products, let me know if you have and what you think. Sibu: http://www. sibubeauty.

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