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  1. Who's That Pokemon? Who's That Pokemon? says:
    What's the difference between professional skin care products and other skin care products?
    My mom does facials for a living, and therefore has a license to buy professional skin care products at wholesale prices. On the bottles, it would say "for professional use only. I have tried these products. They are good, but.
    Franky says:
    There is no big difference between these products. The size or the packing is is it, and even that is most of the times a trick from the factories, so you can have just the same, but it will be.
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Skin Care Products : Best Over-the-Counter Wrinkle Cream

The best over-the-counter wrinkle cream is called Dermatage, which costs approximately $90 and shows results within 48 hours, but a less expensive option wou.

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