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  1. Urban Mosaics releases new organic summer t-shirt line
    From BBQs and date nights to a quick jaunt to the Farmers Market, the T’s provide fun, weekend-worthy looks sure to make your Saturday and Sunday ultra-stylish while still maintaining true to our goal of providing 100% organic cotton fun, chic and ...
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  3. Dimilesi Brazilian Hair Takes over Miami
    The good news is authentic Brazilian hair is now made available in the United States as ... The hair may be dyed or bleached by Di Milesi takes excellent care to keep the natural cuticle making their hair products very popular and highly coveted.
  4. James Lawton: Forget the Olympics, Andy Murray's legacy is real... one a child in the street can touch
    We can only hope, then, that the one bequeathed by Andy Murray fulfils its most thrilling ... The sweetness of it was that a young man had declared that he wanted to win Wimbledon and then had the nerve and the staying power to make it happen.
  5. New law eases rules for natural hair care
    It creates a new license overseen by the Board of Cosmetology. Amber Starks, a Portland stylist who ran into the state licensing rules when she tried to start a hair braiding business catering to young girls in foster care championed the bill ...

Natural hairstyles for black women - Natural Hair Journey

com natural hairstyles for black women, how I manage to make my own natural hairstyles by myself. Follow my natural hai.

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  1. More African-American Women Choosing Natural Hairstyles, Study Finds
    Gill says while more women are going natural, companies are taking notice and even capitalizing on the natural movement by coming up with hair care products aimed at black women. However, she says that doesn't necessarily mean that it's an accepted 
  2. Atlanta Natural Hair Salon Unique Creations Hair Loss Solution for African ...
    Natural Hair salon provides hair care solutions for Atlanta women with hair loss issues. South Metro Atlanta's Natural Hair Salon Unique Creations Hair Studios has launched their “We Grow Your Hair” initiative to address the rising number of African
  3. The Rise of The Natural Hair Care Business
    With this shift has come an influx of products exclusively aimed at the care. of natural hair. While some of these lines are distributed by well-known hair care companies, many others have been the brainchildren of Black entrepreneurs. The need for
  4. Lifestyle Holistic Hair Expert Launches E-Commerce Site For Popular Celebrity ...
    Scott has a passion for African culture and turned her salon into one of Philadelphia's fastest growing salon for natural Black hair. A nationally recognized business, Dua-fe Holistic Hair Care has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Newsweek, Ebony, 
  5. Hair and now
    You see, Cuba has my hair type. I explained as best I could that we have a mixed heritage and this is how our hair is. And will always be. We were BORN this way. We have a mixture of straight, curly, coily, wavy, kinky, dark brown, dusty brown, black

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