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  1. Meilleur_que_toi Meilleur_que_toi says:
    Can you use Accutane if you have ulcerative colitis?
    I have had SEVERE acne for over 2 years on my back, face, chest, arms, EVERYWHERE. nothing has worked and I am going to see the dermotologist soon to talk about accutane.
    cyberdroid_2000 says:
    I would not recommend to do such a thing until you talk to your dermatologist, accutane can cause a histaminic reaction to your existing condition, try to get an appointment soon.
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Accutane and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

If you feel that you have IBS as a result of using Accutane please contact our office today as you may have a claim agai.

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  1. “Accutane Ruined My Health” -
    Accutane Ruined My Health” Jody (not her real name) was diagnosed with Accutane ulcerative colitis after taking just one course of Accutane to treat her acne. “At the time, I had no idea of the link between inflammatory bowel disease and Accutane, so
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