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  1. Jay Jay says:
    what if i take accutane for 1 month and stop. will my acne return?
    i shall take accutane instruct by the derm doctor but i reject it because it is to expensive. will my acne return. i am a 20 year old man a student with severe acne.
    Franky says:
    Most probably it will return after you stopped it. There are only two choices for you, first you buy these expensive stuff and your acne might go away or at least will be less, or second, you stop.
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Accutane Day 21...Sideeffects..Bloodwork..etc

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    The WHO had uncovered what seemed to the two men to be astonishing fraud. The Vimta tests appeared to be fabricated. .. The inspectors also took and tested samples of Sotret, Ranbaxy's version of the acne drug Accutane, and found that it degraded
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