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  1. Cam Cam says:
    Will stopping accutane, then starting it a couple years later make it take longer to work?
    I finished about 3 months of accutane before stopping it for another medical reason. Now, 2 years later, I've started it up again and am in my fourth month. Does the first 3 months affect my current 6 month process.
    Oceana says:
    No, the 3 months you took it before will not affect your current treatment. Standard duration of an Accutane treatment is 5 months or more, so if you stopped prematurely, it didn't have time to.
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Accutane: Before and After PICTURES! + FAQs

EXPAND FOR MORE INFORMATION. I took 40 mg of Amnesteem twice a day for 6 months. watch my first Accutane video.

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